Schafer Cullen Emerging Markets High Dividend


Strategy Overview

Portfolio Managers: Jim Cullen and Rahul Sharma Firm Strategy AUM: $554 million as of 06/30/2020 Benchmarks: MSCI Emerging Markets Index

The SCCM Emerging Markets High Dividend Fund invests in emerging market companies with low P/E ratios, high dividend yields and strong projected dividend and earnings growth across all market capitalizations. The investment objective of the fund is to provide unique exposure to emerging markets and long-term capital appreciation while generating strong risk adjusted returns and current income over a full market cycle. Accordingly, we seek to provide a superior risk profile and better than average downside protection as compared to emerging market strategies and benchmarks. Our disciplined value investment process assures that investments undergo rigorous fundamental research with regard to corporate governance, sustainability of cash flows, balance sheet strength, dividend attributes, profitability measures, geopolitical and macroeconomic considerations, and other factors. We invest in companies that will benefit from specific catalysts that will drive earnings growth and share price appreciation. While the emerging markets are exposed to political and currency risks, we believe our investment discipline mitigates these risks while providing exposure to the considerable upside potential of these markets.