Schafer Cullen Global ADR


Strategy Overview

Portfolio Managers: Jim Cullen and Rahul Sharma Firm Strategy AUM: $189 million as of 06/30/2020 Benchmarks: S&P Global 1200 Index & MSCI World

In 2001, for investors seeking higher levels of current income and global equity exposure we began the SCCM Global High Dividend strategy. This strategy provides investors with a way to participate in the upside potential of global equities while at the same time generating current income and benefiting from greater than average downside protection, given dividend yield support.

We select global stocks that cobine the following:

  • Low P/E Discipline
  • High Dividend Yields
  • Strong Dividend Growth

We invest primarily in U.S. and international companies that trade on global exchanges with market capitalizations in excess of $1 billion. While the global markets provide considerable upside potential, they are also exposed to additional political and currency risk. We believe the combination of low P/E, high dividend yield and dividend growth should mitigate this risk and reduce the overall volatility of the portfolio.